Timesheet Template

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How will you benefit?

  • Increase Productivity and Accountability.
  • Boosts Profitability.
  • Performance tracking.
  • Helps manage time.

What's in the template?

  • Starting time for the project
  • The end time for the project
  • Total hours worked on the project
  • Date started on the project
  • Projects your working on

Who is this for?

  • Freelancers
  • Notion creators
  • Entrepreneurs

    Anyone working on a project

The importance of using a timesheet.

Project management requires processing and tracking of large amounts of data, and spent time on tasks is also included to that. The real benefit of timesheet tools is that they provide an easy way to see any time, what the team is working on and if that work is being executed successfully. Therefore, it makes it easy to distribute the workload among group members.

With proper use of project team’s timesheets, you can easily see:

  • Which tasks are still pending
  • Who is working on what and who is really busy and who has enough free time
  • Which tasks are going to be due

Using our Timesheet Template, you can easily track and record the amount of time you spend on each project, thus maximizing your productivity. This template is perfect for freelancers, small business owners, and anyone else who wants to stay organized.


Here are the instructions on how to duplicate the notion template and edit it: Open the link. On the left side menu on the right hand side of the template title click the three dots. Click duplicate.

For any questions or inquiries email me at Wispywiss@gmail.com

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Timesheet Template

37 ratings
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